You Are Worth Recovery!

In all things, from addiction to escaping abuse, something that I think is really poignant and eloquently put in this quote from Demi Lovato, is the idea of realising that you are worth recovery. And in all things you are worth recovery. You are worth escaping from abuse and you are deserving of happiness. Realising … Continue reading You Are Worth Recovery!

Trauma Bonding

Similar to Stockholm Syndrome, trauma bonding is a bond formed because of intense emotional experiences a victim has had - usually with a very toxic or abusive individual. They are formed and strengthened by intermittent reinforcement, small kindnesses that - comparatively to the abuse - feel like intensely positive experiences. For example, a perpetrator talking … Continue reading Trauma Bonding


It is April 2020, and in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic and our subsequent lockdown in the UK I’ve made the choice to create this blog. Fortunately I won’t be rattling on about the virus that has us all locked indoors but instead addressing, hopefully educating and supporting women and men who are currently … Continue reading Beginning